Our Origins and Background

It was after much prayer and with very little money in hand that the premises at 35 Market Place in Kendal were purchased. The shop opened to the public on Friday, June 17th, 1977. Every time money was needed to carry the project forward, God’s providence was made evident through gifts from various donors who, in some cases, did not even know our requirements. Much hard work by a dedicated band of volunteers and friends has led to the present new premises at 26 Market Place being able to provide a powerful witness in the centre of the market town of Kendal.

Kendal and District Christian Literature Society is a registered charity and oversees the bookshop through a Board of Trustees, and the diligent supervision of the shop manager.

Annual Report 2017-2018

Financial Summary 2017-2018


Resources for Ministers and Youth Workers Resources for services, ministers and youth work teaching materials.


Small Group Study Guides for Christians ‘Borrow’ a box of materials for a week, to browse at home before ordering.


Bookstalls for Church EventsWe provide books for you on a Sale or Return basis to run a bookstall at church or to take to an event.